BitMart Competition

TitleBitMart Competition
SummaryVote for nOS on BitMart Exchange and get NOS & BMX!
Reward200,000 NOS
StatusActivity Over


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Vote for nOS on BitMart Exchange and get NOS & BMX!

Vote for nOS on BitMart Exchange and receive your share of up to 200,000 NOS and 100 BMX!

We will airdrop an amount of NOS (equal to the amount of votes received on BitMart, up to 200,000 NOS) to our registered users with a Holding Score.

The more votes nOS receives, the more NOS Holders receive!

1. How to Vote

  1. Sign up to BitMart using invite code Vote6 and receive free BitMart Tokens (BMX). BMX tokens are locked on your account until you trade for at least 0.05 BTC.
  2. Go to the BitMart Voting Page and vote for nOS.You have one free vote every hour. You can also use BMX for extra votes (1 BMX = 1 vote).

You can use up to 500 BMX to vote every day.

The easiest way to vote is to use BMX (~$0.01 USD per BMX)!

Voting ends at: 01/30/2019 10:00 AM (EST)

2. How to register for the NOS Airdrop

  1. Register to and verify your NEO address.
  2. Make sure you have a NOS balance of at least 1000 NOS to get a Holding Score (check the Holding Score page).

You will receive a share of the NOS airdrop equal to the percentage of your Holding Score, relative to the collective Holding Score of all users.

If you don't decrease your NOS holding, you get a 10% bonus on your Holding Score every week, up to a 100% bonus.

If your week's lowest NOS balance is lower than your last week's NOS balance, your Holding Score bonus is reset to zero.