Build a Decentralized Application

TitleBuild a Decentralized Application
SummaryBuild a nOS dApp and get rewards!
RewardUp to 50,000 NOS


Do you want to build a decentralized application? Create one on nOS!


  • Must be original and uphold to Web 2.0 qualities.
  • Must have a functional front-end and smart contract.
  • Can be exclusively client-side code and smart contracts, or also use back-end servers.
  • Have a high quality user interface.
  • Have a well-documented codebase, including smart contract.
  • Entire codebase must be open-source and MIT licensed.
  • Application must be deployed to nOSNet for review.

nOSNet will be re-launched shortly. In the meantime, you can develop your application using nos-local and create-nos-dapp.

For inspiration, check out these open-source community-built nOS dApps.

Already built an application? Wait for nOSNet to launch to re-submit your dApp and claim your reward.