Contribute to the nOS Codebase

TitleContribute to the nOS Codebase
SummaryAre you a developer? Earn NOS by contributing to the nOS Codebase!
RewardUp to 45,000 NOS per month


Become a part of the nOS Open-Source Development Program!

Are you a developer who's skilled in Node, Javascript, and/or React?

Contribute to the nOS codebase and earn monthly contribution rewards!

How to contribute:

  1. Join the #developer channel at the nOS Discord.
  2. Go to the nOS Client Github
  3. Check out the Open Community Issues and work on them, OR think of possible improvements and create new Issues.
  4. Fork nOS Client and create Pull Requests that solve an issue or add a new feature.
  5. List your contributions every month.
  6. Receive NOS rewards for quality contributions!